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Who is Coach Tim

My Name is Tim, but my friends and clients know me as Coach Tim.
As a well travelled expat, I know all too well the struggles of living in a new country. We made the choice to travel, to gain some amazing life experiences and to live life on our terms. 

But unfortunately our well being tends to get placed down the list of priorities when life really kicks into gear.

Work, family and social commitments come first, leaving it hard to find a healthy lifestyle balance.

But, I'll tell you a secret, you can have both and find balance.

We don't focus on eating boring food and doing large amounts of high intensity cardio, all with that elusive goal to stay in good shape.

Instead we focus on the smaller achievable tasks that you can action each day. Tasks that help you reach goals, build habits and are sustainable.
Let's get you starting to feel fantastic and truly enjoying that Expat lifestyle.

My personal life goal is to stay as active as I can for as long as I can.

Why choose a coach

We all struggle when it comes to making changes in our routines. Not knowing exactly WHAT to do, HOW to do it and WHEN to do it. It starts becoming even more complicated when we make a group of changes all at the same time.  This is when we put them on the too hard pile and ignore them.

But it doesn't have to be complicated.

My approach to coaching is primarily based on goals and building habits.

This applies to online coaching as well as in person coaching.

We setup your goals based on your needs and lifestyle.

Goals that are achievable and applicable to you. 

These are not fast fixes or magic pills.

Instead we focus on long term and sustainable habits that will become your daily routine.

Trust - building  a strong relationship to share and grow on what we learn.
Balance - Giving you the foundations to build on for that overall balance.
Motivated - giving you the tips and tricks to stay strong and consistently motivated.
Movement - Discover what your path is to healthy and enjoyable movement.
Nutrition - We all love food, but we don't want it to consume you instead.
Control - Slow and steady goal setting to allow you to really take full control.

Cross Fit Class

Online Coaching

Online coaching should not be built around daily live video calls and follow along workouts. We instead focus on building you a personalized strategy to guide you each day. Not only the usual fitness and nutritional guidance, we will also discuss daily lifestyle factors that may be impacting your progress and ways to conquer them.



Because Tim has taken the time to get to know he understands when to push me and when to back off.  He works with me to accommodate my work and 'organised' sport schedules, tailoring my gym workouts to my specific needs.

Gendie Lash

Contact Me

Get in touch now and let's start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Huizhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen - China

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